Verve is boutique consultancy agency helping creators to craft content that is market ready and producers to commercialise their content


You have television show – an idea, a developed concept, or a finished project. You are now on the exciting and interesting journey as a content creator, producer or content owner.

If you are a first time creator or an experienced producer seeking guidance, advise or inspiration, we are here to help you to craft your concept to a market ready stage, and to help you commercialise your content – to bring your creative dream to a reality.

We draw on our extensive experience, detailed market knowledge, reputation and firm network of relationships to provide you with the means to put your best foot forward in the journey of commercialising your content.

Verve thrives on identifying your opportunities and matching them to your content – then joining the dots to make it happen.

VERVE (noun): Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic endeavors. Vitality: Liveliness; Intuitive

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Our Experience.

Selling thousands of hours of content to broadcasters across the globe

Founded in 2003 as a television content distribution company, Verve has marketed, sold and licensed thousands of hours of content to broadcasters domestically and internationally. Our experience also encompasses the commercial and practical aspects of television ad sales, PR, events, and industry market and festivals.

Verve has managed all aspects of sales and marketing from deal negotiation, and contracting of pre-sales, co-productions and acquisitions through to master material delivery, royalty collection, dispersion, financial reporting and rights management.

The media landscape is changing significantly. The digital world means an increase in platforms, in potential audience engagement, resulting in an increased demand for content in a vigorously competitive arena. New opportunities abound at a rate we have never seen before.

Verve’s extensive experience, detailed market knowledge, reputation and firm relationships place us in the privileged position of understanding content and it’s market opportunities in this increasingly fragmented environment.

Concept Development
Project Funding
Production Planning
Pitch Development
Content Distribution
One to One Consultation


Producers represented


Projects completed


Countries sold to


Multiple genres


Broadcast clients


Hours SOLD.

Our Expertise.

We know what content can be placed where - how, why, when and with who

We understand how to fully exploit a pro-active market position ensuring content is ready to be pitched to the right executive, for the right channel at exactly the right time maximising revenue by aggregating windows and securing the best terms.

While we no longer actively represent and distribute a catalogue of content directly to broadcasters, Verve Entertainment is extremely well placed to leverage this experience to offer our boutique consultancy service of our Creative Producer, Executive Producer and Distribution Management services for all stages of content creation and commercialisation – Development, Funding, Production, Pitching and Distribution.

Verve’s success relies heavily on strategy and personalised service. We are proud of our strategic and vigorous approach to all development and sales activity and of our high level of service in both navigating the market and driving deals and we look forward to working with you.


Our Services

One to one consultation – helping you put your best foot forward and maximize your content’s commercial appeal

Verve Entertainment offers over 25 years experience working with producers and content creators helping them to maximise the commercial position of their content with distributors and broadcasters worldwide. This experience is now at your fingertips.

Through our Creative Producer, Executive Producer and Distribution Management services, and by drawing on our network of experienced and talented collaborators, contributors and partners, Verve can assist, support and coach you through any stage of the development, funding, pitching or distribution process you need.

We are driven by the essence of your project; the DNA: that determines which market opportunities are best for you. While screen content is our focus , whether it be for broadcast on terrestrial television, Pay TV, or digital platforms – our skills and those of our network can be translated into other discourses and business opportunities.

Verve offers bite size, or a complete end to end consultation services ensuring you put your best foot forward. This enables you to identify your opportunities along the way to create, adapt and position your content to meet market needs and trends thus maximising your commercial opportunities.

Identification and analysis of your audience and market position

Pitch coaching

Distribution Management

Strategic content development to market opportunities

Creation of marketing and pitch materials and designer briefs

Rights management

Identify and connect with collaborative partners

Funding strategy

Contracting Advice – distributor and license agreements

Verve Services: "We work with you crafting your concept to be one that will find a commercial home”

Develop Your Content

Where creative inspiration can meet with commercial opportunity

There are thousands of producers out there that pour their hearts and souls into producing incredible viewer experiences only to find that broadcasters are looking in the opposite direction. Identifying, analysing and understanding your audience and your market opportunity is vital for your creative work to prosper and to offer you commercial returns.

Verve LOVES the concept development stage, and we thrive on the essence of your project– your what, where, when, who and how. Verve applies detailed market knowledge to the development process offering a strategic approach to the creation of content with commercial strategy firmly at the top of mind.

What will you achieve? 

  • Identify, analyse and understand your audience and your brand
  • Develop your content to fit within identified market needs and trends
  • Explore connecting with the right partners at each step of the way
  • Identify and consider all commercial market opportunities
  • Know with confidence your projects DNA

Fund Your Content

Finding the way to green light your project and move into production

Imagine securing funding that would realise your contents true potential and give you the green light to go into production. From traditional models to way-outside-the-box models there are numerous options in creating a funding strategy.

Verve offers extensive first-hand advice and experience in helping you position your concept to attract the right funding. There are many options out there for you and we can help you identify the best investors that can deliver the financial means and necessary support to take your production to the next level.

What will you achieve? 

  • Help you Identify, consider, and create funding models for your content.
  • Identify the most relevant Grant applications to support your budgets
  • Consider Commercial models of finance: Distributor DG, presale, co-productions,
  • Explore Brand Funding and Product Placement opportunities.
  • Help you create the framework and approach for your funding campaign.

Pitch Your Content

Presenting yourself and your project to the world

Now for the fun part. This is what we live and breathe! You have a developed concept and you want to pitch to secure investors, to a production company, to a co-production partner, to a broadcaster.

We slice through your materials focusing on the marketable elements and prepare you for everything from your informal elevator pitch to a formal written pitch, your flyer and treatment. What you do and don’t need to say, when, how and to who.

What will you achieve? 

  • Understand the various pitching opportunities
  • Tailor your pitch for various pitching opportunities
  • Create the elements required in each pitch
  • Your synopsis – narrative writing vs sales writing
  • Flyer mock up and designer briefing

Distribute Your Content

The commercial dream of your creative reality

The ultimate commercial goal for your creative endeavours. The right distributor markets, sells, contracts and delivers your final produced content to broadcasters around the globe. Understanding your commercial opportunities and correctly managing your rights and assets is vital. Engaging with the right distributor is essential.

Verve, having operated as a Distributor for over 20 years, offers extensive first-hand advice and experience providing you with specific guidance to all that is possible in the world of distribution.

What will you achieve? 

  • Understand rights definitions of all platforms
  • Understand rights managements and rights windowing
  • Deal terms advice
  • Contracting advice - Option/ License/ Distributor agreements
  • Engage with the right distributor for your content or catalogue

Victoria BaldockCompany Founder

Victoria is marketer. She Identifies and connects the dots, putting pieces of the puzzle together - selling ideas, concepts and talent.

Victoria believes strongly between creating a bridge between arts and industry – connecting creative talent with commercial opportunities and her mission has always been to personify the definition of Verve – to enable energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic endeavours – through vitality, liveliness and intuition.

With over 25 years experience in the entertainment and television industry, Victoria founded Verve Entertainment International in 2003. She has worked across all genres of programming including Drama, Factual, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Comedy, Children’s and the Formats Business and has been responsible for the placement of thousands of hours of programming to broadcasters around the globe.

Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies majoring in Business Studies and Film Studies, Victoria began her career with a position at Network Ten Australia in Advertising Sales, later moving to London working with top broadcasters in the UK in various Publicity and Marketing positions. She then returned to Australia to take the position of Head of Sales with Southern Star, which she held for 9 years working with broadcasters in all international territories.

Victoria has attended all major festivals and television markets, speaks regularly at conferences and is invited to judge a number of industry festivals. Her strengths are her un-wavering ability to know what content can be placed where – identifying market trends, creating a need, and successfully filling those gaps. Victoria is relentless in her pursuit to make commercial dreams for creative realities.



Our Team

At Verve we consider our team is our network of contacts.An extensive resource of incredibly talented professionals and creatives. Writers, Directors, Producers, Production Managers, Executive Producers, Creative Producer and Distributors – all available for engagement and willing to help us, to help you, to bring your creative vision to a reality.

Verve is excited by helping you to identify who your potential collaboration partners are, and how this can benefit you – and then join the dots to make it happen.

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